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Living in a tropical country like Singapore means you should look after your leather shoes (and bags, wallets etc!) to make sure they don’t become mouldy or even rot! We’ve all had that favourite pair of shoes that we may not wear every day that we’ve had to throw out due to not storing them correctly.

I have a few tips that will help to make sure your shoes survive the humidity of Singapore!


Never quite sure if you are going to get caught in an unexpected downpour it’s best to be prepared and to use a good quality water proofer on your shoes so that if this happens they will be protected.

Maintain Shape

When purchasing new shoes make sure to keep the paper that they are normally stuffed with and re-use this when you are storing them. If you don’t have that you can also use acid-free paper. This will help ensure that your shoes keep their shape. Another alternative, especially for men's shoes, are the Cedar-tree shoes which you can buy at Muji and many other stores.

Keep in good repair & clean

If you notice any scuffs or tears on your shoes take them to the shoe repair and get them repaired! This will help to make sure no moisture seeps into your shoes either when you’re caught in the unexpected downpour or when you are storing them. Also, give your shoes a quick wipe down and make sure to brush off any dust or dirt before you store them.

If you have space where you store your shoes keep a bag or tub of shoe care nearby, including extra laces, cleaning supplies etc.

Avoid direct sunlight, shoes like the dark but need ventilation

Ideally you should expose your shoes (and clothes) to a short burst of sunlight during the day but avoid storing shoes in direct sunlight. Shoes are best kept in a shoe cupboard with ventilation to help keep them fresh or in their original boxes.

Dry shoes before storing

If your shoes get wet, make sure you let them dry out completely before storing them! Putting wet or damp shoes into a shoe cupboard is the perfect place for mould to grow and flourish.


When you’re organising your shoes make sure you store them together. Don’t store your trainers with your favourite pair of Jimmy Choos! Keep shoes together – high heels together, flip flops and sandals together etc. Not only will this be a lot tidier it will make it a lot easier for you when your family are looking for their shoes. Keep the shoes you wear every day near the front door or another handy place so you can access them quickly and easily.


Store shoes heel to toe to maximize your storage space. You also get to see at a glance the heel height and whether it is an open or closed toe shoe.

Store you flats or flip flops side by side so you can grab the pair you need without unraveling the whole lot.

If your shelves are deep enough consider adding a couple of shelf risers to add an extra layer. Ikea sell them for $7.90 or Daiso for $2 each.

Cut down pool noodles to stuff out your winter boots to hold their shape. Check out my Pinterest page for more ideas

There are many options for shoe cupboards and this will depend on your budget and space. Ikea have many reasonably priced options either closed in or open shelving. Another option is to utilize a piece of furniture you already have. This white cabinet would be ideal if your shoes are in an area that would be on show. It has good ventilation, as the doors are semi open.


Aside from using moisture absorbers you can alternatively use charcoal, rice or silica gel sachets in your shoe cupboard as these will help with absorbing any moisture in the air and will help keep your shoes fresh and in good condition.

Try to buy the refillable type of moisture absorbers, like the ones you find at Daiso to save landfill from tons of plastic! They cost just $2 each and you can buy 2 refill packs for $2!

Fun Fact

Did you know that charcoal is an excellent dehumidifier and odor absorber? Place it in a medium sized container, bowl etc and place it wherever the odor is ie your fridge or shoe cupboard and the charcoal will absorb it, and odor will disappear!

If you would like some help to organise your shoes or shoe closet, please get in touch by emailing

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