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One necessity of a nursery is a changing station. Not always seen as the most glamorous piece of furniture but it’s definitely one that is vital to your baby care needs. Let’s look at options when it comes to changing stations and how you can keep organised whilst still maintaining a great looking room!

Changing Station Ideas

You can choose to have an actual changing station, like this one from Motherswork. As it is open, it’s important to think about using storage solutions for the shelves. This is dependent on the decor of your nursery, for example, if you going for a traditional theme then you can use some wicker baskets or if you like a more contemporary style you can try some colourful boxes.

Alternatively, you can use a chest of drawers or a dresser, where most of the items you need will be housed in drawers keeping the look neat and tidy. With this piece of furniture you can look outside of baby furniture stores and purchase something classic, modern or quirky to match the style of your nursery. As long as you can fit a changing mat on the top, then you can choose any piece of furniture!

Chest of drawers changing table

Flip down changing table

Flip down changing tables are another great way to hide its function when not in use. For a real space saver, you could get a bespoke one made which is attached to the wall, like the ones you find in public bathrooms (but with a bit more style!). Otherwise, most flip down tables will have additional storage underneath as drawers or shelves.

Image credit: Pinterest - Chambre Kids

This IKEA hack is a great changing table solution offering tons of storage! The Kallax shelving unit laid horizontally will work as a changing table and storage centre for all your nursery needs.

Image credit: IKEA USA Pinterest

When space is tight you could consider scrapping a separate item of furniture altogether and get yourself a crib top changing table. This changing mat slots on top of your crib and makes your crib a multifunctional piece of furniture. Most of these will fit any crib but it’s worth checking out the dimensions before purchasing!

Lastly, for smaller nurseries and a very clean look, place your changing station inside the wardrobe like this:

Image credit:

Whatever your style, size of the room or budget there is an option for you. I had a client who bought a fab drinks trolley, which she had used once so decided to use it as a changing table. As it was on wheels she could move it around easily. Just goes to show, you can certainly be inventive when it comes to changing tables!

My tip is to get on Pinterest where there are hundreds of ideas for changing stations. Don’t forget to follow SORTED on Pinterest to keep up to date with my tips and ideas on home organisation. I have a board full changing table solutions ideas!

Changing Table Storage

There are loads of ways to help you get organised and stay that way! Last thing you need is to be searching for that wet wipe or cream when changing your baby!

Here are some great tips:

  • Create a list of essential items most needed to be close at hand to the changing table, then ensure you have storage solutions to house these items

  • Use IKEA’s drawer inserts to section your items and keep them organised (see image below)

  • Baskets and storage boxes on shelves keep items in their place – match these to the décor of your nursery

  • Use plastic / rubber shelving liner under your changing mat to stop it slipping (see image below)

  • Add hooks to the side of the changing unit so you can hang storage containers or a nappy bag

  • Don’t overlook other room organisation items!

  • Office– you can hang a magazine rack above the station making a nappy file within easy reach!

  • Kitchen– a hanging utensil rack is perfect for you to hang containers and other necessary items

  • Bathroom– jars and storage baskets are great for smaller items like cotton wool and cotton buds

  • Back of the door storage pockets, usually used for shoes can be a great place to store extra nappies, clothes and blankets

IKEA plastic lining and drawer inserts

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