Spring clean your wardrobe!

The idea of living an organised, uncluttered life, with less stuff can be an attractive idea to many. Having less stuff means less to clean, less to organise and less stress which can lead to more money, time and energy for your greater passions.

The next step is how?

There are many ways to clear out your unwanted stuff; knowing it has a new home and is useful for someone else, may make it a little easier to edit in the first place.


Consider charities in your area, also churches and hospitals. Here are just a selection of local charities in Singapore looking for donations:

Singapore Council of Women's Organisations

Minds (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore)

Salvation Army

Alternatively, you can look at Pass It On to see what is needed (particularly good if you struggle to know what you should donate).

Lots of work clothes to donate? Help other women ‘Dress for Success’!

Sell your clothes


For good quality items, you could try selling them and gain extra money for your current passion. There are various ways to sell your unwanted things, such as, Craigslist, Poshmark, Gumtree, STClassifieds or the many FB classifieds pages popping up. Can’t be bothered to list items and post them?


Alternatively, think about having a clothes swap among friends and family. This is a fun and inexpensive way to clear out your unwanted clothes and / or accessories, plus you may gain one or two new items that you actually like or need more. Here are some ideas on how to run a swapping party:

  1. For every item a guest donates they receive 1 token, this can then be used to ‘buy’ an item (i.e. a guest brings 10 items, they can then go home with 10 items) or you might want to ‘price’ up items that are worth more, for example, those Louboutin heels are 20 tokens instead of 1 – but be careful of arguments when choosing this option!

  2. Draw straws or flip a coin to see who ‘shops’ first. Limit the number of items a guest can choose

  3. Keep it even so everyone goes home with the same amount of items they donate

Include accessories so that everyone will have an opportunity to go home with something regardless of size. You can also run a swapping party with other items like books, children’s toys/clothes, home-ware… make sure you agree with everyone that any unwanted items are donated to charity!


A tip I always use with my clients when organizing wardrobes / closets is to face all hangers the opposite way round [day 1]. As clothes are worn, laundered and returned to the wardrobe turn the hanger in the opposite direction. After 6 - 12 months you can see at a glance the clothes you have not worn. Men nearly always say that they wear all of their work shirts, try the hanger challenge to prove them wrong…. or right!

Men's wardrobe, before and after


As much as I like the look of clothes hanging on the same type and colour of wooden hangers, sometimes this is just not possible due to space constraints. Many of the modern wardrobes in new type condos are much smaller with less hanging space. Consider using a variety of hangers to save space in your wardrobe. In the picture you can see that 12 thin plastic IKEA hangers take up the same amount of space as 5 wooden ones!

Using a variety of hangers in a wardrobe
A selection of hangers


Why not consider being like some of the most successful people in the world and decide on a work ‘uniform’, for example, a neutral top/shirt with a black skirt? By sticking to the same items you will not only relieve the stress of shopping for work clothes but also you’ll save loads of time in morning. Plus, you won’t end up with lots of unwanted items in your wardrobe.

Most people have too much stuff and for some that can be overwhelming and stressful. My advice is to just let it go! Chances are after a very short time you will have forgotten all about the item/s you have edited.

In conclusion, if you don’t love something, get rid of it. If it doesn’t make you feel great now, chances are it won’t change in a year’s time.


If you need some help editing your wardrobe please get in touch.

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