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One of the many reasons for using Sorted’s services is a move; a move from another country to Singapore, from serviced apartment to condo, from condo to landed, from couple to a family home… Whatever the move, Sorted has been there to support our clients in making it as smooth, stress-free, pleasurable experience.

In this month’s blog I’d like to share with you 4 TOP TIPS that you can use when moving.

To start, TOP TIP #1 why not consider choosing a lucky date to move? Here are some dates which are believed to be auspicious according to Chinese traditions.

Lucky moving dates

Sorted has had experience of many moves making them experts in getting you settled and organised following a move.

But what can you do before a move to make the process a little easier?


I have often seen through my own previous experiences and now my clients, that important items can be difficult to find on moving day. This includes: remote controls for TVs or other electrical items, wires of chargers for various types of equipment, keys, important documents that are needed for handover or on the move day.

I now prepare a large box with a lid the week before I move and add any of these items as I find them. I make sure that no-one else takes this box including the movers. I label it with my name and not to be unpacked.

I will also add some extra packing tape, scissors, batteries, reading glasses, and a small tool kit so that I can put my hand straight to what I need and know that when the actual day is chaotic I can find what I need quickly and easily.


If you are downsizing, then it’s a perfect time for you to get rid of anything you don’t need. This list will help you consider what may be important or not important to keep.

Clients who have previously used Sorted have done so mainly because they want the move to run as smoothly as possible but also, some clients are just unable to move themselves due to working full-time, health reasons, pregnancy or child care.


If you are wondering how it all works, then I have outlined what happens in a Sorted move…

  • It all starts with an initial consultation by phone, to assess your needs and budget

  • As a team of two, Sorted can make a real difference in a reasonable amount of time

  • Sorted comes up with a plan of action

  • If your kitchen is on the list then we will start here as it takes the longest to organise. We’ll not only unpack but also set up usable ongoing systems for you and your family

  • Area of need following this is next (could be your bathroom, bedroom, playroom, linen closet)

  • Health & Safety is always considered, particularly if young children are about

  • Sorted will recommend where to buy things which is invaluable for first timers to Singapore

By using Sorted you:

  • won’t have to use your spare room as a dumping ground and/or have unopened boxes sitting around for months!

  • will have systems in place to help you and other family members continue being organised in your new home

  • will be moved in and ready to enjoy Singapore in no time!

What is your top tip when moving? Share it below or on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear!

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